If Moff Band cannot sync with your device

When Moff Band cannot connect to your device, please check the following:

  • No other app or device is connected to Moff Band (only one Moff compatible app can connect to Moff Band at the same time)
  • Make sure Moff Band's power is on by pushing down the power button until you see the green light
  • The Bluetooth Setting on your smartphone or tablet device is ON
  • For Android 6.0 and above devices, go to Setting > Apps > App you are trying to play such as Party ( > Permissions > Location and “Allow” the Location services

If above are all clear, but still not working, please try the following:

  • Close the app and turn off Bluetooth. Then turn Bluetooth back on and reopen the app
  • Restart your Moff Band
  • Close the app completely. For iPhone/iPad users, double click the HOME button, and swipe up the app to close it. For Android user, the method to close the application differs among devices. Mutual way is to go to Setting>Application Manager and "Force Stop" the app. Turn OFF the Moff Band, then turn it back on by pressing Moff Band’s power button. Go back to the home screen, and tap on the app to restart the app.
  • Turn the power of the device off, then restart the device


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